Wednesday, August 6, 2008

BEST celebrates 61 years

Today BEST the backbone of public transport in Mumbai celebrates 61 years. Mumbai saw its first bus on 15th July 1926. Their are more than 3380 buses in mumbai plying on various routes. BEST also introduced king ling buses, AC buses on its various routes to make communicating for Mumbaikars comfortable.

As a part of celebration of BEST completing 61 years the Chairman of BEST Mr. Pravin Chheda travelled from Worli to BEST office in Colaba by 83 no. bus. He also organised various events to make create awareness on travelling by Bus will help to protect the environment of Mumbai. I feel this is an excellent way to inform Mumbaikars to start using Bus/public transport and save fuel. Already a lot of people have stopped using cars and have started travelling on Bus....

Mr. Pravin Chheda we hope by spreading such messages if at least 10 Mumbaikars stop using their personal vehicle it will be a great achievement..

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