Friday, August 8, 2008

Uncle Sam is upto what now???

Global Food crisis, then Global Greenhouse gases crisis (trouble), then Global Oil crisis... now what more crisis is Uncle Sam up to? The latest reports which regretfully date back to 2004, inform how US emissions have risen by 15.8 per cent from 1990 to 2004. The US have always tried to rule the world with latest technologies, which then in turn consume more and more fossil fuels. New Scientist have written scores of article on how the climate is changing and we are experiencing more warmth. Melting of Glaciers have began...resulting in the rise in sea level. This has resulted in increase in diseases, storms, flooding, clod nights, hot days. The global temperature has increased by 1.7 degrees c. US and other developed countries are the main culprits in damaging the environment. US for a number of years denied singing the Kyoto Protocol on the grounds of economic problems. What were the problems ? nobody knows but the US administration thought this will impact the US companies (by damaging the environment).

Now post signing this Kyoto Protocol the Bush administration has been pushing the research for bio-fuel.. so tons and tons of Corn has been imported and licenses have been granted (Actually Corn is used to produce Ethanol the main ingredient of bio-fuel). Bio fuels have forced global food prices up by 75%, so this import has lead to food crisis in under-developed nations.

So food is used to pump energy in cars by starving the humans.. isn't uncle Sam great by disturbing the ecosystem??

Riots have been going on in Sudan, Bangladesh, Nigeria, and every other under-developed nations for food. We have lost on Roti of Roti, Kapada aur Makan. The US, UK and Europeans nation governments have have already passed a law that with every re-fueling of petrol and diesel 20% bio-diesel should be added.

I think we should for a change have Paris Hilton as the president. This might solve the issues, coz every administration of developed countries have been sucking the world of all its resources. I have really lost count of words... but I trully feel bad about the whole situation.

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