Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Is Indian abortion law outdated??

Every publication, every TV news channel and every media carried the coverage of the Indian High courts verdict on Niketa and Haresh Mehta's abortion plea, to abort the foetus in the 25th week. The high court denied the plea.. but is the media making a hoola of the whole issue adding masala and taking interview's of the couple....
The radio in the morning hours went further to an extent asking the listeners on their views... and whether the couple was right in aborting their child?? but will the govt change/review the law.
Well the law was passed way back in 1971... (Medical Termination of Pregnancy (MTP) Act, pregnancy cannot be terminated after the 20th week unless there is a health risk to the mother) and it is still not amended ... can the health ministry review the law.. well our media savvy Union Health minister Anbumani Ramadoss quotes to publications stating "Broader discussion on abortion laws to be held" so the couple is at loss coz by the time the is facing acute problems in his/her life the law will be changed.
A lot of gynaecologist's argue that if a lady decides to abort her child she will abort no matter what the circumstances are.. so I really wonder if we force Niketa to continue with the child she might go to some illegal abortion clinics or dump the child post deliver???

who will take care of this situation? If the couple is not able to afford the treatments, is the govt ready fund the treatments?

I think media should also highlight this situation, wherein some pharma company's can sponsor.. and as far as the MTP act goes.. the next govt will decide coz this govt is already behing saving their chursi..... so by the time discussions will start it will take atleast 3 years???

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