Monday, May 19, 2014

B2B Marketing - Guide for beginners

Sales and Marketing is the most used up terminology in the context to B2B Marketing in India. Though all the B2B companies believe in marketing and it is of utmost need, but barely any company ever thinks about analytic. When it comes to finance or human resources, ROI is what every company thinks first, but this doesn’t stand true when it comes to marketing function.

Most of the marketing function decisions are taken blindly or by gut instinct, this sometimes proves, but most of the times such decisions are impractical. Here I have listed down the process of marketing based on by experience and it has helped lot of companies.

Most of the B2B companies refrain from using technology for marketing function and try to run away from it, but they hardly understand that it is the backbone of any function. Having tools like CRM, Social CRM, Social Media Metrics and Marketing Campaign management helps in long way to provide meaningful insights about all the different campaigns. In marketing there is no thumb rule, sometime one of the worst designed campaign works and expensive campaign will hardly give results, so METRICS are important.
With digital marketing most of the companies are rushing towards this new found avenue, with the hope of increase in conversions, but traditional marketing also has it’s positives, it is important to sync it with your CRM.

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