Friday, November 22, 2013

Facts about Shivaji Maharaj

Following are some of the features of Shivaji Maharaj - Swarajya an insight by Mr. Vinod Mestry
  • Shivaji Maharaj started Swarajya with only 1200 soldiers, by the time of his death in 1680 he had a army of 2,50,000
  • Shivaji Maharaj was earning a salary of 36,000 homes PA, by the time of his death he was earning 4,00,00,000 cr PA, which in today conversion is Rs. 2,00,000 cr PA
  • 360+ forts owned by Shivaji Maharaj, China wall took 150 yrs & Shivaji Maharaj constructed maximum forts in his 27 years of career. If all the forts stand in a line then it would form a line of 4000km
  • Shivaji Maharaj was the first king to form a formal Army
  • Shivaji Maharaj - Swarajya first initiated the concept of Pension schemes for retired army personels.
  • Also Swarajya initiated the concept of Mediclaim for injured soldiers.
  • 0% Loans for agricultural betterment was started by Shivaji Maharaj

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Thanks a lot for posting and help us spreading values of King Chatrapati Shivaji